Swimming Club

The Saints Swimming club is an enthusiastic and hardworking organisation, which includes swimmers of all skill levels. In addition to our competitive team, we have Development and Recreational squads that provide an opportunity for non-competitive athletes to work on their technique and fitness. In addition to our hard work in the pool and in land training, the swimming club has an active social side—we hold many events throughout the year and encourage our athletes to get to know their peers across squads and even across different sports!


In the swimming club, we strive to stay in touch with our former members. Whether they were a part of the competitive, development, or recreational squad, each of our Alumni are equally valued and are of paramount importance. Currently, we have our Saints Swimming “semester round-up” newsletter that gets sent to Alumni to inform them of the key highlights that the club has made in the Candlemas and Martinmas semesters. Furthermore, we work closely with our social reps to ensure that our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are engaged with our alumni. Leading on from this, the ongoing pandemic has meant we, regretfully, had to cancel our annual alumni swim meet. Missing out on such experiences has meant online engagement with our alumni has become more critical than ever and is something we wish to continue over the Summer and into the next academic year, until a concrete plan is set out by the University and the Athletic Union regarding proceeding with in-person gatherings.


Outside the pool Saint Swimming put on many events for our members in order to promote a sense of unity and belonging for our members throughout the club. Whilst we train in three separate squads, we socialise all together. We hold socials every Wednesday these are often themed and include various team bonding games to help new members feel a part of the club as quickly as possible! Once a month the Student Union puts on a night out called ‘Sinners’ this is a very well attended event and the social beforehand is always fun to attend .On top of this we also host larger events such as our ‘Welcome Dinner’ in September, ‘Christmas Dinner’ in December and ‘Swim Ball’ in March. These dinners provide the opportunity to get dressed up and get to know other swimmers they may not have had the opportunity to talk to at training. Overall, we believe that we have a very relaxed and inclusive social atmosphere and encourage everyone to join in no matter what year, subject and squad they are in!

Charity Fundraising

Throughout the year Saint swimmers get involved in numerous charity and fundraising events hosted by the club, the AU and other societies. This year, we took part in the APEI charity run which saves the lives of people who unfortunately have blood cancer or a blood disorder. Our most prominent fundraising event of the year is our annual fundraising dinner which has recently been renamed ‘swim ball.’ Last year we raised money for Water Safety Scotland – a charity that aims to reduce coastline incidents by helping people understand the risks around water. As a university located on the coast we can really understand the importance of the work that this charity does in creating awareness preventing water related fatalities. This year we were unfortunately prevented from holding our fundraising dinner in aid of the Special Olympics charity however, we donated the money that we would have spent hosting the event to the charity. Special Olympics is an organisation that provides training and competion opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. We chose this charity because one of our members, Amy, has volunteered with them and has seen the positive impact they make on thousands of lives.